Wimmer Rehabilitation

General Orthopedic Rehab

At St. Francis Memorial Hospital & Wimmer Rehabilitation we strive to provide patient-specific, one-on-one, specialized orthopedic rehabilitation. Our team treats a large variety of orthopedic conditions that affect the skeletal and muscular systems. Our objective is to identify impaired areas of the body, determine how these impairments affect your participation in daily functional activities, work with you to develop a specific treatment plan that will allow you to meet all personal goals, provide guidance and adjust your exercise program as necessary, and work toward restoring you to your optimum level of function so you can enjoy life again.

Our skilled Physical Therapy staff is trained on how to treat conditions involving, but not limited to, the:
• Hand
• Elbow
• Shoulder
• Neck
• Mid/Low Back
• Abdomen
• Pelvis
• Hip
• Knee
• Ankle
• Foot