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Senior Fitness Testing

Every Fall, the Rehabilitation Staff at St. Francis Memorial Hospital & Wimmer Rehabilitation host a day where Senior Fitness Testing is conducted.

The purpose of the Senior Fitness Test is to measure the physical fitness level of adults 60 years and older. The Senior Fitness Test measures the key physiological parameters needed to perform common everyday activities including upper & lower body strength, endurance activities, upper & lower body flexibility, agility, and dynamic balance.

After testing is completed, results will be calculated and each participant will receive a sheet describing to them if they fall “below average”, “at average”, or “above average” compared to others in their age group. Participants then have the option to contact a Physical Therapist for interpretation of these test results, and for a further recommendation on exercises and interventions they can start participating in to improve areas of concern.

The main goal of this testing is to ensure individuals 60 years and older can continue to be independent in everyday activities such as simple housework, climbing steps, lifting and carrying objects, and walking far enough to do their own shopping and errands.

Senior Fitness Testing is a free assessment held at St. Francis Memorial Hospital & Wimmer Rehabilitation. The exact date the Senior Fitness Test will be held will be advertised in the West Point News, The Elkhorn Valley Shopper, and on the Franciscan Care Services' website.

For more information on the Senior Fitness Test contact the Rehabilitation Department at 402-372-2372.